勝本 雄一朗 / Yuichiro Katsumoto

逆転のロボットアニメ / Robot Anime Reversal


We love Robot Anime. In this context, Robot is a hero and a mecha, which is an embodiment of machines and electronics. Also, Anime is an expression which gives time to static images. If so, we can also call the mecha that which gives time to static objects as Robot Anime? I therefore started a project called Robot Anime Reversal.

相転移的装置 / Phase Transition-ish Apparatus


Water is incredible. It can change shape according to the container. It can be rigid as in ice, but also able to spread as a vapor. Inspired by water’s flexibility, a series of gadgets called Phase Transition-ish Apparatus were created.

StandbyCE: 暮らしとともにあるコンピュータエンタテイメント


Thanks to the evolution of Information Technologies, we can enjoy video games anytime and anywhere using mobile devices. But, maybe, we could enjoy our life in another way using the same technologies. I sought this possibility of computer entertainment when I was in a grad school.

その他 / Et Cetera