Mojigen & Sujigen




Our daily life is surrounded by so many static things, especially letters and numbers. These are two-dimensional symbols, and usually static images. But we originally cannot write a letter or number without moving our bodies and spending time. Thus, we can consider that each number or letter potentially has a time axis. In order to reveal this hidden time axis and express its secret movement, I created two complementary devices “Mojigen” and “Sujigen”.

Mojigen has eight control points, and draws a single line in the midair by expanding and contracting coil springs with robot arms. Its trajectory seems alphabet when viewed from the front. However, if the audience change the viewpoint, its time axis and the trace of movement will appear. The timeline of Mojigen has a beginning and ending (A to Z).

Sujigen has ten axes of rotation, and is hanged from ceiling. It seems a bustle mobile at a glance. However, if the audience look it up, s/he will see numbers in spirals. The timeline of Sujigen is looping.


Mojigen and Sujigen are also called as "One-Stroke" in English and "一筆" in Chinese.



2017/03/02-07: Asia Digital Art Award Fukuoka 2016, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan.
2016/12/05-08: ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Art Gallery, M.U.S.T., Macao.
2016/11/28: WIRED presents CREATIVE HACK AWARD, Tokyo, Japan.


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@creativeapps that is incredible

— zach lieberman (@zachlieberman) December 14, 2016

Mojigen & Sujigen: Design projects by Yuichiro Katsumoto are inventive robotic displays for alpha-numeric characters

— Prosthetic Knowledge (@prostheticknowl) December 24, 2016

ぬお。この人の視点、冗談めいているようでいて真面目で、でもなんかおかしい。 / Mojigen & Sujigen

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This research is supported by the National Research Foundation of the government of Singapore under a funding initiative from the Interactive Digital Media Programme Office.